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Lisa has been a licensed private investigator for 25 years. She has her C, E, A, G and W Florida licenses. She is very well respected in her field and is considered one of the best private investigators in Florida.

She was also trained and certified by Joe LaSorsa, ex-secret service agent for the President of the United States. He awarded her the executive protection certificate that she currently holds.

There are several things that make her so good, her honesty, ability to fit in to any situation, her sparking personality, her love of people, her kindness, and her very special way with animals and children. More important her keen eye for detail and her intuitiveness. She will protect anyone or anything with her life. Whomever she is with not only trusts her but also enjoys her company, which makes it a double pleasure to work with this special lady.

Lisa and her husband Tom are amazing as a team. They are bodyguards and also do a lot of advance work for protection. Tom is also licensed and was certified by Joe LaSorsa. They fit into any business or home. They do advance work for meetings, events, business, dining, shopping etc. During shopping trips, Tom stays with the car and Lisa goes shopping with wives, girlfriends, mothers, children etc. Lisa is a perfect decoy; nobody ever suspects her as his or her bodyguard. She looks more like a friend or one of the family. Both Lisa and Tom are expertly trained to handle a bad situation if it arises. Dining or public meetings, they go in and do the advance search and find a spot they can watch over their protectee incognito. If requested, they will dress the part and make it very obvious who they are and why they are at the location. What ever your need, they will adjust to what makes you comfortable.